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It’s that time of the year when everyone is talking about resolutions for the new year. These are supposed to be personal goals meant to better ourselves. “This year, I want to do more of this, less of that….” The idea is, this time next year, we can review our resolutions and celebrate our achievements. But what really happens? Who were the resolutions really for? How realistic are they? How many times have have you made a New Year’s resolution that you didn’t stick with? Psssst…guess what? You are NOT alone! Fitness centers and diet/meal plan companies rely on us making and breaking our resolutions.

I propose we do it differently this year. Let’s resolve to love ourselves enough to redefine what our health and well-being looks and feels like. How many articles have you read that talk about how loving yourself first is imperative to being a happier, healthier you? Let’s focus on what that looks like for YOU. Not for your parent, your partner, or someone else you constantly measure yourself by, okay? If you need someone to hold you accountable, make it someone who will do it with love, kindness, and compassion. Keep in mind, this goal is meant to be achievable, but be careful not to set the bar too high or too low. Let’s plan to meet back here in a year with something to celebrate!

Where to start? If it helps, I have listed out some of my past and present resolutions and how I made or plan to make them happen:

  1. I resolved to earn a degree, so I enrolled in a single class at my university’s branch. This meant that I had no more excuses about travel time, parking on a busy campus, or even cost, because as a “mature” student they not only guided me every step of the way, and worked around my work schedule, but the company I worked for at the time was happy to reimburse me for a portion of my tuition. This tiny step led to me (ten years later) looking forward to graduating this May, 2019. Was it easy? No! Did it take a really long time? Yes! But guess what? The victory will be MINE!
  2. I resolved to improve my physical health, so I decided to follow a rather strict gluten, dairy, and soy free diet. After a lifetime of gerd and IBS, and trying every antidote and going through every known test and procedure and doctors had no more solutions, I am finally symptom-free! How did I do it? Not alone! My daughter had the same symptoms, so she did the hard part: an elimination diet. All I did was decide I could not live with pain and sleepless nights, and we started shopping, cooking and eating differently. Is this the answer for everyone? No, but it worked for us. Additionally, I have an addictive personality, so I stay away from nicotine and limit my caffeine, sugar (the hardest!), and alcohol consumption. I am also on year two of allergy shots, which will eventually also improve my quality of life. I am resolved to move my body with purpose, indoors or out, (weather permitting) five days a week. Exercise and allergy shots don’t mix, so I do not beat myself up over not exercising, but it feels SO GOOD!
  3. I resolved to improve my mental health, so I started eliminating toxic relationships. This is by far my most difficult and on-going process. I won’t get into specifics right now, but I could not do this alone, either. I am so grateful to the people in my life who unconditionally love and support me, and with special thanks to therapists and antidepressants, I am determined to “Carry On.” Toxic relationships aren’t just people, by the way. I gave up TV, I limit my social media time, and I only listen to selected programs on public radio, podcasts, music, or books in my car. Exercise is great for my mental health, and so is taking time to do what I love. For me, that means reading inspirational books, watching my favorite YouTubers, playing games, and two new things I’ve resolved to keep up with daily: learning to play ukulele, and drawing. I have a new ukulele and new drawing pens to get me started. I’ve also resolved to expand my network of support. This is very difficult for me, because it means being more sociable and asking for help. My tiny step for this one is joining a women’s group. Good luck, me!

I can’t emphasize enough that everything I listed above is NOT EASY and is an ON-GOING effort. Please don’t think that I or anyone else you subscribe to or read about or watch on any platform has it all together and you just don’t or can’t measure up, because trust me, their behind-the-scenes, (#IRL) is MESSY! I remind myself: all that I have is this moment to do my best. If I fail, I ask myself what I learned, and how I can do it better. That’s what loving myself looks like. Doing my best for a better me.

If you have ideas about what you want your resolution(s) to be, but you need some tips on making it happen check out the links below. I did a quick search about creating new habits because after all, no matter what resolution you make, in order to make it happen, you’ll need to convert your goal into a habit if you want to succeed. I’m a fan of wikiHow and lifehacker, but if you need a video for inspiration (complete with groovy music) check out the YouTube link:



Let me know what you decided to resolve to do for you this year. I’ll check back when I can. All the best to you in 2019! Mim XO